I wanna be 8 again...

Razor Crazy Cart

Ken Box

Ken’s day job…

Check this out then…

Surprising how a couple of pieces of 10" PVC pipe fitted over the rear tires reduces the coeffient of friction.

Indeed. Looks super fun. Similar to beach cruisers, would be neat to retrofit beach tires on and cruise up and down the coast line or beach community.

That product is genius. Every other toy company probably tries to fix issues of the cart not steering straight or being too hard to control, and these guys get it that out of control is more fun. Love the e-brake handle style control.


And then a company hires a sports industrial designer to make a better wheel. :smiley:

Our new wheel system designed and various cnc’d nylon prototype downhill tested, just released, taking influence from the various polymer wheel suspension research. Up to 4KG weight savings over pneumatics.

Funny how “concepts” seem to surface simultaneously, isn’t it. The skins are looking a little chewed up. Are the rear “tires” replaceable?

And how the hell did they get Ken Block to schlepp this for them. I think, maybe, it was just too much fun to turn down.

That product is genius.

My thoughts exactly R.

Okay, I don’t want to be 8 again… I just want one.

PVC slicks, the Nylon hubs capture the slicks from both sides for a quick changeover. Wear is part of the whole experience and what makes it work. We tried different plastics, Nylon, ABS, Delrin and PVC. All have their own slip feeling. PVC is the homegrown standard.

Just found this on gizmodo:

Manufactured by Razor — they of roller blade-wheeled scooter fame — the little Crazy Cart ($350) found fame after its inventor, Ali Kermani, filmed this pint-sized tribute to Ken Block’s Gymkhana films, called “Ken Box.” That’s Ali driving and doing battle with the gorilla.

$800 and the Crazy Cart XL is yours Lew. :slight_smile:

$800… cheaper than a dirt bike. Hmmm, I wonder if I could drive it to work? :sunglasses: