I ve just got admitted by CCA,anyone from there?

I was accepted too but I went to CCS… cus I wanted to try the trans program.

Anyways, CCS offers scholarship to everyone. How much? Depends on how good your portfolio is.

Detroit sucks though.

I go to CCA. I like it a lot. Sure, it’s friggin’ expensive-but all design programs are. The Academy is slightly cheaper, but apparently it’s way understaffed and the teachers change every semester (my drawing instructor taught there for a bit and hated it).

If you want a well-rounded art/design education, I would recommend CCA. They might not have the name recognition of an Art Center or RISD, but they are very focused on sustainable design and innovation.

Also, if you are primarily interested in Product, CCA is a good place for it. If you’re more into transportation, go to Art Center.

Hope that helps!