I think of cars as art

The Ralph Lauren car “collection” in Europe:

I’ll definately go there, if I happen to be in France this summer.


Wow! If I had the $$$$$ I’d treat a car like art also!!

Nice. Just went to Ferrari day up at the Sonoma Infinion race track. There was a lot of nice vintage metal. I’ll post some pics. I pit the whole lot on Facebook.

This kinda goes into the thread of “caught on the street”. I prefer cars that are dented, dinged with a little rust. Use them…that’s what they are for! Ralph Laurens are way too clean.

It always fascinated me, that cars work as sculpture on a pedestal, but work even better
aesthetically when on the move. The best ones are artworks that touch all senses.
Ears, eyes, nose, hand and feet ,- perhaps even some more… (James May knows…)
Part of my hesitation to head to Paris is the fact that some of the Ralph Lauren cars are
regular guests at vintage race events throughout the world. It might be, that he drives
himself sometimes.

But there is no sence in racing an Erdmann & Rossi. The show in Paris is good for a
good comparative view on the hightlights of the collection I’d guess.

mo-i (in a hurry)