I think my old email address is hacked.

I think my home email address is hacked. Someone actually use my email address to send unsolicitated mail. How best could I prevent this from happening again ? Tenatively, I have cancelled that email address and use a webmail instead…

I don’t think your email address was hacked. They may have used your email address as the from.

I can send you an email from




if I wanted. All you need to do is check the email header to find out where it really came from.

Unless your password was easily hackable like 12345, kitty, or newyork then its more likely someone was just spoofing your email address…sending messages that appeared to be from you but werent.

If your password was hacked you just need to change your password, if someones spoofing it for the purpose of irritating you, then theres nothing you can do.

I didn’t know you could cancel an email account, and if you did it was a bad move because now any important email that went to that address you won’t be able to retrieve in the future.

hi! Thanks for the advise.

I wonder how an email address could be spoofed. But in any case, I’ve got the ISP to change my email address and before doing that change I have notified the relevant people.

I am only wondring how my email add could be hacked in. My password wasn’t that easy to remember. But I was also told to constantly change password and or install adware/antivrus(which I have already done)

I am going to put this email for strictly private use and use gmail as a redirection tool. Too much hassle this time…