I really need an advice...

Hi, I’m an Italian footwear and accessories designer.
In few motnhs I think that I’ll have to move to the united states to apply to a new job in Boston.
This week I’ll have to dicuss about my salary and all the other things related to the job ( relocation, apartment, health insurance etc…).
I’m really in the middle of a storm because I don’t know how expensive is the life in US , in particular in the city I will go for work. As consequence I don’t know what salary and benefit I should ask.
I have a 4 years experience. I have worked for 2 years in a footwear design studio and the other 2 in a sport company,both located in Montebelluna which is an important shoe center in the north of Italy.
I also follow the development steps in Far East factories , as most of the footwear designers do.
I really appreciate if someone could help me to clarify what kind of request I can do to the company. Or if it will be better to wait their proposal in any case.
thanks a lot :confused:

don’t get much more expensive to live than Beantown, 4 years experience - without knowing more I’d guess ask for at least 60K

Ok…thank you for the salary suggestion…what about medical care and holidays ?
There is something I should know about these issues?
I suppose that thing are really different from Italy…( here when you apply for a job the medicalcare is fully covered by the company and if you can’ t work because you are ill or go to the hospital , they pay a 70 % of the montly salary as well).
What about holidays ? I think I 'll need them to go back to Italy sometime. Do I have to inform how many holidays they can give me or there is a general amount of days common to almost all the contracts ?
Maybe I’m asking ridicoluos things but I have no experience of work in the US system…thanks

the general standard is 2 weeks a year, but a lot of comapnies have thier own policies, such as, starting with a week and adding a day or two every year for example.

every company provides health insurance, they all have their own providers and standards. You need to sit down and go through it all with the company’s Human Resources people after you accept the job offer.

There are alos tons of information on the web. Google arond. Lot of the popular American job sites have good info. Monster.com, Hotjobs.com, etc.

in a nutshell.

Vacation time sucks- 2 weeks a year plus 6-10 paid holidays. You could negotate for unpaid leave. Summer also doesn’t slow down like in Europe.

You’ll have health insurance (which you may have to pay into)- may take 3 months to get though.

Do you need a car? That could easilly be $150 per month (gas, insurance, parking tickets) on top of the car payment

Boston rent= $1000 a month (unless you find a roomate) is conservative.

Salary? Italian trained and worked is worth a lot. You should be able to get a pretty good salary. Remember that everything is negotable (2-3 rounds) and there will be no contract (like in Europe). They can fire you anytime- you can also quit anytime. You should be able to get them to pay your relocation to the US (but not back), and they may even put you up in a temporary place.

Salary? Start at the 80’s and see what happens. (footwear people- is this too low?)

try looking for apartments on craigslist.com
and definitely go for places in surrounding towns of boston.
allston brighton has a lot of college clowns, brookline some but more expensive, jamaica plains/roxbury/hyde park are known to be ghettos although there are very nice parts to them as well.

welcome to beantown paisan!

thank you very much for all the useful informations…feew days ago we had a conversation and they told me something abot problems regarding the obatining of a work visa.
They asked me if I will available to work in us for a while , then go back to my country ,then go back again to us …this until october when they will be able to get a permanent work visa.
Actually they told me that they can’t get any new visa for workers until October. Do you know something about this ?
I don’t understand if this is a general situation or if is related to the fact that they have already requested other work visas for other foreign persons and they have to wait to get more possibilities from the us gov.
I went also trough the us gov site and I realized that there are som many dateils to understand regarding visas…
thank you again

80’s seems kind of high. what position are you going to be applying for? line builder, designer, product manager, creative director…etc because each of these positions will have different pay? also the pay depends on the company and what they can offer. I dont think you will need a car in boston, you can get around. but where will you be working and is it possible to get there with public transportation? You should be in contacts with this company and ask them some questions. i dont think they expect you to come from italy to the states and understand everything and how to get your life started here.

I have been in footwear 2+ yrs. I am not sure about pay for that type of experience tho. Yo and others I am sure could be helpful.

good luck-maybe post questions in the footwear section of the forum-might get faster answers-and from professionals in that field.