I quit!

You know, I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching the past few months. Even looking at my core avatar now I see I have reached the level of “self realization”. I get it now, I see it all clearly now.

Everything in the country and design industry seems to be going belly up from all of the instability, corruption, outsourcing, etc…to much to talk about here. Rockstar designers sketching a 5 second geometric shape, say it’s your new product, paint it funky…profit! Where’s the skill? In my last project I used a different degree of continuity for every surface and had every corner come together to a perfect point! It was so precise the computer couldn’t even figure out how to shell it. Now that takes skill to be able to go above and beyond current capabilities and not let the computer limit my capabilities…at the same time being able to showcase a multitude of design techniques on one object. Instead everyone gawks at the people doing rectangles with rounds on them, la-di-da!

And the more I think about it, the more I see it’s just bullsh!t anyway. It’s all going in a landfill, and we’re the main cause. To be truly green is to say effit and just live out in the woods, anything less and it’s b.s. We all have everything we need, more than enough. All the rest is just ego-stroking and pampering so why kid yourself?

I guess I’m feeling what some of the even-older timers here are feeling, it’s all a crock. So I’m done, I’m out! I’m going to find some rural place and move out there and live off the land. Anybody needs me, send a smoke signal. After the world goes under from the big mess we’ve made and continue to promote, that’ll be the only way to communicate long distance anyway.

So I’m outta here, anybody else that’s smart will do the same before the machines take over your job! Rapid prototyping is here so everyone is just going to make their own stuff and be happy using poorly designed crap from now on since it’ll be the cheapest. Mass manufacturing of good design will become a thing the past. So adios amigos, it’s been great while it lasted! I QUIT!!!

Oh yeah, before you hit that reply button…


Good riddance.


All kidding aside, some interesting points made.

Hey atleast you can play your vinyl with no electricity…

I pulled that on my girlfriend, she then told me she was pregnant, and I soon after realized joking around really wasnt as funny as I had once believed.

shes not actually pregnant again, funny joke though…

I’m going to find some rural place and move out there and live off the land. Anybody needs me, send a smoke signal.[/quote]

Hey, could you say “Hi!” to Philippe for me when you get there? Thanks.

I agree! I’ve decided the same. But we mind as well have cool stuff to play with!

Even thought this was a joke I had a similar reflection a year ago when I went to Cuba : I was looking at those nice vintage cars from the fifties that are still working from normal usage. Since spare parts aren’t available people always find a way to repair them themselves by machining parts or else because you cant get another car that easily there.

Just made me realize that, even thought its obvious, we are crazy to produce maybe 15 different models of cars, for a single manufacturers, reediting them every years. Yeah I know its not only cars but it gets crazier when you think everything is like that.

And the most frustrating part is that even if our profession is at the forefront of this reality there is sometime few we can do about it.

if your computer skills are limiting what work you produce you need to work on them, or change software.