I-Pod Accessories

So I just plunked down my $300 and bought a new 20gig I-Pod. It’s great, but now I’ve started the hunt for the nifty accessories everyone is selling for them. It’s getting crazy how many add-ons are on the market.

I bought what I thought was a slicker-than-snot accessory - the mini FM transmitter that throws a signal to any radio. What a piece of crap. It only works if you put it up against the radio’s antenna. I realize the FCC wants these things to be low gain, but really!!!

I also haven’t found a decent case for the thing. That’s a real design opportunity. There are plenty of multi-colored I-Pod “condoms” on the market, but not a single decent leather wallet-style case.

Can anybody else recommend any must-have accessories I need to buy?


Speaking of crappy ipod accessories – these are cute…

…but too bad they have nothing to do with the shape of your ear. In order for them to work properly they must fit snugly in your ear, completely sealing it off. The only way to get that with theses is to insert them UPSIDE DOWN. I discovered this through trial and error, but my method was confirmed by several reviews. Even then, the conical shape tends to make the earphones wiggle out when you are doing something vigorous – LIKE WALKING. The person who designed these was probably so pleased with themselves – they should be shot.

Did you see this one: