I need some serious help with color profiles!!!

OK, I’ve tried it all, and I never seem to get exactly what I need, so I am going to ask for some color correction 101 advice and techniques.

I make my renders in a 3D software. Then I crop and do some tweaking in photoshop. Untill here, everything is ok, and everything is CMYK

The problem comes when I import into Corel Draw (V13). I can’t really undesrtand what my color options have to be like, as to get the same thing in corel and photoshop…colors always change a bit.
But even worse, when I print (I have an HP 5inks printer) things are totally different…

Can anyone tell me the following:

  • are my color setting in photoshop OK
  • are my color settings in Corel OK
  • Should I change into CMYK before printing? If so, should I do it in corel or Photoshop
  • in the corel color management dialog, should I use CMYK or RGB?

please help me out…
I have looked at this issue several times, seen more than one explanation on corel color management, and so, but there are just too many parameter, when switching from one soft to the other, and then printing!

Thanks a lot

G -in RGB mode for now, 'cos I can’t print!-

Corel Draw. I heard of that before. do people still use it? Reminds me of the late 80’s… Color is a delicate subject because it is subject to so many things as you know. Monitor - printing process - paper choice -

When anyone renders in 3d its all with respect to light. A Marlboro race car looks pink because the blue sky reflecting into the paint. So in Maya i turn off the ability of that material to accept refractions. Now its red but a little to much like the Target car… so i adjust that deep red in Photoshop… oh since your using corel shouldn’t you be using something else besides photoshop like photopaint or something :wink: . just make sure you render with alpha channels so you get all your selection sets from the render tool.

But thats not what you asked… and I guess thats up to someone who uses Corel right?