I need some help on my Insect Assignment and final project

These three insect drawing are drawn by overlaying real insect. Then adding detail to make it looks like robot. I will have to improve one of them by Monday.

I kind of like the no.3 the most since it has the highest contrast.

Any suggestions on how to improve them?

I will post my final project later on.

Cool assignment! I think that number two has the most potential because 1 and 3 look more like chromed insects than robots to me. Can’t wait to see the final. Good luck!

Very fun assignment, and you are off to a great start.

I like #2 because it has the most potential to be pushed. You can tweak the perspective further and really make it dominate the paper, make it look like it is coming off the page through the use of color and composition.

#3 is super well drawn, like you said, the contrast is best in this pne. If I where to take that one further, I would look at some background elements that might indicate scale. It it was 20ft tall, it automatically moves it away from just being an insect. Maybe it can abstract a bit more to look more robotocized…

check these out:

Looking forward to seeing the next step!

My issue with your drawings is that they look more like bug overlays with a few greebles placed on their exoskeleton rather than a human interpretation of the insect.

The images that Yo shows above are very bug like, but they look man made which is what I think of when I imagine a mechanical insect.

Thx, fatkid, yo and ipwirelessly.

I think I can’t redo the insect by 10 a.m tomorrow. God I am slow as hell in terms of sketching… I’m still working on the final Let me show you the progress but it is not great.

It is a Citrus Juicer. It is flush all the way around and you won’t find a spout because when you turn on the switch in the middle the spout will rotate out. I am trying to make a flush citrus juicer and fit into the kitchen nicely in any corner space. So sorry for the blocject shape.

I am trying my best to make it white. but seems like I fail. I also mess up some of the highlight on the transparent part.

Still need a function part and the whole explode view…


Ipwirelessly, I think I should have more support on the legs…and more actual parts insect of parting line.

hello there great assignment you got. base from the guys submitted picture you did get allot of ideas on how to make your picture look like a robot.