I need some help making "graffiti shoes"

I was referred to this site by an instructor at the school I go to. He said I might be able to get some help here since not many people have been able to help me out so far… :neutral_face:

Here’s the idea… :bulb:

The idea is to have a small container in the upper part of the shoe that can be filled with paint. There is a small tube that leads from the paint container to the heel. Also, here is a small valve that can be opened and closed by the wearer to let the paint drip down to the heel. Lastly, in the heel there is a small space that the paint can enter that is above a permeable stencil and as the wearer steps it stamps the stencil design onto a surface.

We want the stencil on the heel to be customized for each person and to be interchangeable. We were thinking that screws could secure the stencil to the heel through the side of the sole on each side of the shoe.

Alright, so that’s what it is and I decided to tell this to a “graffiti” paint company (Ironlak). Turns out they liked the idea and they want to make refills! Next, I asked them if they thought it would be cool to have their pro graffiti artists design the shoes for us. Well… Ironlak liked that idea too and let their crews know and we got four of them to get back to us.

We really want to get this ready to release at the same time that Ironlak releases their paint pens/markers (which double as refills for the shoes) this summer. I’ve been trying extremely hard to get in touch with a manufacturer and someone that can make us a prototype but I haven’t had any luck. Anyone have any leads?? Thanks! :smiley:

Hey, well good-ish type news… we reworked the design to have all of the paint/stencil components in the heel. So, anyone have any good contacts for manufacturers??

You want to design and have a production shoe by summer… of 2010?

I’m guessing that the “…” means something like, “That’s crazy.” Yeah, I was hoping to have them ready by then.

For some reason I can’t PM you directly.

Send me an email, maybe I can do some concept sketches and help you get on track with your project. Sounds interesting.

I’ll do my best to add some color to this thread.

Right now we’re designing and developing shoes for SS/11 and in some cases AW/11. We have meetings lined up in June/July to review the samples for each line at which point we’ll start finalizing different lines, negotiating prices and booking time on a factory production line. It’s not impossible to add a new style or something at the last minute (a month or two months prior to production on an existing last or bottom in the line); but to want to have a shoe designed, developed and produced without having any factory relationships is daunting. Even more so if you want it done so quickly (read= get out your checkbook). Personally I don’t think it’s possible, but I have been wrong before.

EDIT: You need to consider the time it takes to develop a shoe, order materials, make your sales, get the PO numbers you need to ship the thing, the shipping time. The fact that a lot of people do this very far in advance, the less time you allot, the more expensive your project becomes. If you are serious about your idea and you’re starting now – maybe next summer is a better.