I need some freelance jobs

Hi guys,
I am a Product Designer from Brazil and I am looking for some freelance jobs.
I am a pretty good renderer and modeler and love developing innovative concepts.
Come on guys, take a quick look in my on line portfolio and give a hand here.
Here is the link:


Come on guys, at least give me some feedback about my designs :smiley: :smiley:

Well, I can’t lead in you in any direction for getting some freelance gigs, but I must WOW!! Nice work! You need to be selling that stuff at DWR or something. Have you shown your work at NeoCon or the Italian Furniture Show?

I want some of those light-drop light bulbs. Awesome.

Thanks for the nice words man!
Well, I have tried to contact DWR several times with no success. They do not answer this kind of question trough their commercial e-mail and they do not have a “design submission” e-mail on their website.
Unfortunately I do not have enough money to show my work in this kins of events…you know, It´s hard to be an ID professional here in Brazil.
If you know any other companies that you think I should show my work, please let me know.
By the way, the Light Drop will be available next year. They will be produced by Dark www.dark.be

Before Dark starts selling your product, b****-slap them for me. What kind of messed-up website is that??? Seriously, it’s nearly impossible to click on any of the navigation!!

Whatever the case, I really respect that light-bulb project. Trying to figure out where to put that in my house.

By using the internet, some of your products may become viral and have a sort of underground following. I like them. I’m sure other people on this board will like them, and that says a lot since we are your peers. We’re tough customers!!

You have talent…something is bound to come along.

Thanks man!
I suppose that the Light Drop will look very cool in a bathroom or garden.
Anyway, I have already design others versions of the lamp (floor, sealing,etc…)
Hehe…Dark´s website is really weird!

click pussycat at the bottom left of the site, they’ll slow down so you can click them.

Yeah…It´s a cool website anyway.
Hey guys, if any of you know a company that might fit well with my designs, go ahead and give me it´s name, so I will send a promo to them.
Thanks for the feedback!