i need real numbers!

what percentage of US consumer electronics market is comprised of portable audio goods? How many consumers from that portable audio segment are lefthanded?

any one know of a good source for finding out industry specific stats like this? it needs to be fact-based and credible.

many thanks for your input.

I’d be very surprised if anyone has stats on handedness of various consumer types. The assumption would be that they follow normal population distribution, but of course that’s a big assumption; if it was the case that lefties weren’t buying iPods because they were harder to use for them or something, that’d be an important fact. But it’d be an expensive fact to “prove” quantiatively.

I could be wrong and maybe someone will post actual hard data, but I’m gonna be skeptical.

As far as the market sizing information, have you tried Google? Lexis-Nexis? Buying an industry report from Gartner or Jupiter or whoever it is? You might be better off at least finding out what the report is that you want - maybe someone here has access to it?

thanks stevep!

the only catch with these research companies is that you have to pay before seeing the report…little scary.

do you know of any good place i can look first?