I need professional help...pill packaging? mini valves?

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This is pretty common in the medical device industry. I have used two methods. The cheap way is very much like the pill packs. You vacuum-form the channels and reservoirs in plastic and laminate that to a foil. The liquids are usually contained in glass ampules that you break to release the liquid.

The other way is the same as above except you injection mold the plastic part that gets laminated to the foil. The channeling can be more precise and you can add valves. The liquid can be dispenced directly into the cavities - depending on your manufacturing line.

Below is a link to Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging news. It should be helpful.


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Also, with the vacuum-forming, it is usually a web-fed process. A roll of plastic is run though the forming molds and then fed to the other laminate that has the adhesive.

Similar with the IM parts but they are on a conveyer. Sometimes if it is complicated enough you may have a pick and place machine invloved.

Brilliant, thanks mate.