I need portfolio suggestions

Hi everybody,

So I’m currently building up my portfolio to transfer into an art school next year. Right now I’m doing a mechanical engineering major at UConn. I was told I need a mix of observational pieces as well as some creative ID pieces.

I’m running out of ideas though. I don’t know what else to do for the ID side… I’ve done some cars and shoes, what else can I design? And what observational pieces can I draw that would fit into an ID portfolio?

If you’re interested, some of my work can be located here: DeviantArt but, that’s mostly my photography.


running out of ideas before you even entered your ID career is not good.
try not to get frustrated. I know it’s hard, the pressure is on.
I think the most interesting starter portfolios show some interesting concepts and ideas. In school later, you won’t learn to have the ideas, you sort of need that already.
What you learn is how to develop it into a product or a system and how to communicate your process.

Here is what I would do: Take a company, say MUJI (that’s an easy one since there are so many examples) or whatever you like and try to design something for them. Using there design language and getting inspired by them. Then you are not designing in a vacuum.
There are so many examples here in the portfolio section of how people have laid out there process. Just look at a portfolio project you like and do what that persons did:

sketches/idea development
sketch models
CAD (since you are a Mechanical engineer)
final model

I don’t think that it is important what it actually looks like as long you can show that you are really interested in following a process and that you have some clever takes on industrial design.