I need Input On School Choice and current situation, Please

I applied to 6 schools, CIA, CCAD, Pratt, MassArt, RISD, and UC. The last 2 I’m still waiting on letters. I got accepted to the first 4. If I had the choice, it would UC, but most likely I’m not getting in based on their ways of admission. Plus I’m a transfer so That greatly lowers my chances. I called them and they said that they accept less that 10 transfers a year. I don’t know if that’s mid-major transfers and/or freshman transfers. So… looking at the other schools I really don’t know.

Pratt and RISD were pretty high on my list but after reading about them in this forum, I think I might want to choose another school. Their theory based teachings, lack of job prep, and networking kind of pushed them down for me. And of course the price, not that the prices of the other schools are all that much cheaper. CIA is looking pretty good right now, but my choices have been fluctuating a lot. MassArt and CCAD are at the bottom.

Another thing I want to factor in is that I’m 24 and I want to start my professional career as soon as possible. I’ve taken a good amount of foundation classes, but only 1 school (either CCAD or MassArt) has let me bypass their foundation year. I don’t want to spend another year in foundation, even though I wouldn’t mind it. But the time thing, another 4 years after 4 years of community college really gets me down. Should this be a big factor in my choice?

I want to get into Product design, along the lines of electronics, gadgets, computers, and product packaging. Which school would be best? Or location?

Any input, suggestions, on the schools, and my situation would be greatly appreciated.

I plan on visiting most of these schools. I’m visiting Pratt this Sat. So that will help with my decision, but deadline is May 1st for Pratt so that kind of stresses me out.

They are all good schools, with quality ID programs and if you are determined and apply yourself properly you will do well post graduation which ever you choose. If you do not get into UC (which would be my top choice) then of the schools you’ve applied to I would lean towards CIA. Great program, seems to be a lot of great work coming out of there over the past couple of years, plus cost of attendance is relatively low. CIA, like DAAP, seems to have a nice balance between the theoretical and the practical aspects of design.

Definitely visit the campuses if you get a chance.

I don’t want to spend another year in foundation, even though I wouldn’t mind it. But the time thing, another 4 years after 4 years of community college really gets me down. Should this be a big factor in my choice?

No, don’t let the thought of one or two more years of schooling affect your decision. Think of it this way, 15 years from now, when you are a successful designer somewhere, do you think it will really matter whether you entered the workforce at 28 as opposed to 26 or 27? Probably not.

If you are afraid of loosing time by repeating a foundation year, then work ahead and “create” time. If your peers are working on the basics of perspective and sketching for a quarter and you feel like you’ve got those skills down already then work on your own projects, start talking with more advanced students, and start building your portfolio, or improving other skills. If your classmates are expected to intern their Junior years, then try to intern your Sophomore and Junior years. If you will be entering your school with a relative advantage in skill or experience then make sure you graduate with that same or greater advantage relative to your peers.

That’s good to hear. They did give me the biggest scholarship so far also, $14,000 (year).

I never looked at it like that.

That’s a very optimistic perspective, thanks.

So i’m the waiting list for UC, and now I gotta wait for sometime in May to hear from them. Which totally sucks, cause deposits are due May 1st for other schools I’ve applied to. Bitches.

SAMink, I am sorry that you got waitlisted. My daughter got waitlisted at both Carnegie Mellon and RISD two years ago. Even after she got in off the waitlist, it really soured her on those places so she didn’t go there . She was even rejected from her first choice at UC but got into her second choice, which turned out to be a great choice for her.

For what’s it’s worth, despite my daughter being rejected from her first choice major at UC (Graphic Design) and accepted into her second choice ( Digital Design), she is in the top 20-25% of the DAAP students. Just goes to show that admission is a very hit or miss deal.

Good luck on geting into UC. If you get in, you should go there. It is worth it.

That’s good to hear about your daughter… Digital Design? Is that like a broader study of Graphic design?

Hmm… I thought everyone in UC gets entered in the same level of foundation and then they choose they’re desired major sophomore year, Right? Maybe I should’ve chosen a less popular 2nd choice (Graphic Design), oh well. Would it be ok if I called them and asked about my chances of getting in? Do you think they would tell me what number I am on the wait list? Well either way I guess I should prepare for either outcome.

I’m thinking since UC is still my first choice, I’ll make select deposits. As of now (CIA & Pratt), and wait for UC’s decision. I know I shouldn’t place UC alone on such high regard but my mind/heart is so set on it. Just gotta remind myself I’ve been accepted to many great schools. I think RISD, CIA, and MassArt has basically entered my bottom tier. I’ve placed Pratt slightly higher on my list cause of it’s location. My dad also works in the city and has a place in manhattan, so I’ll have a place to stay in the city for free. But at the same time I feel like I need to leave NY, leave my family. Ahh I don’t know what to think anymore. So many choices, possibilities, rattling my freaking mind.