I Need Help to ID a PCB

This PCB was found on a floor in a Womens Bathroom. There are only 4 ladies whom use it.
None of them say they dropped and broke anything. They all have there cell phones. So being the kind of person
I am I opened my mouth and said jokingly it was probibly a camera. Wrong thing to say… anyway to make a long story
short I would like to find out what type of device this board went to. Thanks for any help.

Four buttons, two used heavily and a battery holder – some kind of remote?

Given the location, and demographic…

Clip on Pedometer?

how big is it? maybe the board from a car key fob with “lock, unlock” and trunk, emer.

Does it vibrate? :laughing:

Yes. Like this perhaps?

I think NURB and Brett have it.

If you are playing detective then you must question all the players.

  1. Cleaning staff

  2. Male staff using the wrong washroom.

the 1625… chip is a transceiver, sends a signal, doesn’t receive. Like a remote door un/lock.

Mystery Solved, Chris Thanks It was a car key remote PCB., One of the ladies remembers dropping her keys now and yup
it was missing the innerards, Thank you all for the Help.

Wow… I’m impressed by your knowledge.

I have to admit, this was kind of fun.

Darn I knew it as soon as I saw it then scrolled down and saw I was too late!

I came in late on this…enjoyed reading the Sherlock Holmes’ short story. :wink:

I have a bunch of PCBs laying around. We could make this a weekly thing;)

There needs to be a dedicated Topic for threads such as this even if it’s just for fun!

Start one up!

might be too easy for some of you…

Inductive Charging pad?

that was quick

yeah it’s a 2 position phone charger. I thought that copper coil cloverleaf pattern was pretty boss.