I need feedback

Hi people,

I need some feedback about presentations.I’m changing my mind about footwear,i’m focusing just in fashion.

I going to put a sample of what i’m doing now,i know that i may have mistakes about how to add the shades,on which areas depending in the place that i’d like to put the light.

The design is a model with the particularity that you could change your heel,even the style.

But the problem thet i had was for adding what is between the sketches and the render,in the first design was an empty area,what dou you think,should be like this? are simple presentations better?


Hi billymenut. your presentation needs to communicate your ideas clearly, your sketches are strong but they seems to fade into the grey background, try to bring them to life by changing the background color. Second, your background have some perspective lines that dont match the perspective of your final rendering (maybe i’m wrong), it feels confusing. if you want a clean and strong presentation, make it simple :slight_smile:

concerning the composition of your page, it would be nice if your sketches are all over the page in a fashion way, because right now my eyes focus on the center of the page after i have looked at the schetches and the final rendering. :unamused:

thanks flight,im gonna try it

let’s keep trying

Edit your text.

“Imagine all THIS STYLES share…”

Imagine all THESE styles share…"

You will find there are a lot of grumpy people like me that think poor grammar is as bad as poor perspective in a sketch.


thanks…i’m not british,i guess “these” sort of things happen.

thanks again for the advice.