I need employment

Hey people Ive been researching companies and emailing them for employment and I have had no luck with any positive responses. My work is very good it just seems like they dont bother to look at it. Any advice?

keep looking.

show us some of your stuff and we can go from there.

If all you’re doing is emailing for jobs then that’s your problem. You need to put in alot more effort than that, like calling, MAILING samples/small portfolio/resume/genuine cover letter. Since it’s now so easy to just fire off an email, it’s just as easy for the recipient to delete it.\

But yeah, let’s see your work!

Send in a mail teaser. Much easier for someone to quickly look at it, keep it floating on their desk, taped to the fridge, etc. Email can easily get lost in a junk mail filter or just forgotten as one of 100 e’s that day.