I need cut mother of pearl disks --help!

i have been searching for mother or pearl disks, the kind from the Verner Panton Fun lamps. They are flat cut round disks that you can sting together.

I have not been able to find them anywhere and have searched online but all i find are jewelry sites!

Help! i cannot believe these are so hard to find? i live in nyc --are there any wholesale material outlets anyone knows about that might carry them? I see them used in restaurants and store displays all the time.

I appreciate any advice!


not exactly what you are looking for and not in NY… but is in the US


cool website for locating materials, products, markets, etc.


here’s a source for capiz shells, not sure if this is what you’re looking for, they have lots of other shells too


firemountaingems has some in different sizes, and they are drilled, but maybe you dont want that??? in any case mop is easy to drill