I need comments on my portfolio and website, please

Hello my name’s Aurelien
I’m a 23 yrd old french student designer entering my fifth year of product design in Paris.

The adress of my portfolio is:

I’m also working on my website using wordpress so I would like to have some opinions about it.

I’ve learned so much from this website thanks you all!

Okay I may come off a bit of an ass so please do not be offended…But am I the only one that get annoyed when someone asked for their portfolio to be reviewed on this site and then sends me to a coroflot page where I have to go through different topics? My biggest piece of advice is that if you want us to review you portfolio, then put a page in you coroflot page labeled “portfolio”. If I were an employer I would not want to take the time to go through each topic on you coroflot page. I would go there, see the portfolio topic and go from there. The rest would just be a treat if I wanted to go further. This makes it easier on me.

That’s my 2 cents.

Agreed, I really dislike Coroflot for this reason. Takes so long to navigate/get to the good stuff. Looks like you have some good sportswear stuff though

Ok but if you click on “PORTFOLIO” on my page, you will have the choice between FASHION, GRAPHISM, PRODUCT DESIGN or PACKAGING with multiple files under each folders.
No offense but I think that I can’t be clearer than that.

Maybe you should check the website, it’s clearer than coroflot.

Thanks again

Ohhh okay. Yeah see those links are so unnoticeable. Based on my experience with wordpress, I never use categories to browse people’s post. Also the lack of pictures doesn’t help either. There’s SO much text, why is the most important thing (your portfolio) not dominant on the page? I don’t know if it’s because I don’t read French, but it’s 1 page of text (click on category)> 1 page of text links (click on link to project)> finally the project. I’d show some thumbnails of the projects on the 2nd level, and make the categories links much more dominant.

But I think the comment that was said before was regarding the fact taht employers dont have time to be clicking around these text-only links. It’s just not visually attractive/easy to use. Again, employers have to look through tons of these, and the ones that show the best,most interesting stuff the quickest will grab their eyes/attention, while ones like yours where they have to go down to the 3rd level to even see a picture. Also, I may have alternate versions for each language, since it kind of doubles the amount of text you have.

Also by graphism I assume you mean graphic design; it might be clearer to use that term instead (unless that’s how they roll in France). I may also design your own wordpress template (or at least alter the one that you’re using) to suite a PORTFOLIO. It’s obvious the template was made for actual blogging.

And what does French Cuisine Style! have to do with your design work? Anyway, I think there’s a lot of language barrier in terms of having so much French and English on the same page, and it’s not intuitive to go to “categories” or “archives” to look at your work.

Your comment is really appreciated!
While working on the “website” I forgot to think about creating something easy for the readers.
and I assume that I have choosen the wrong template on wordpress there’s a ton of better themes for a portfolio.

I have now changed that.
My CSS skills are not great but I’m thinking about buying a domain name on wordpress so i can customize everything…

Thank you!