I need an advice

Hello guys, I am going crazy with all the stuff that you have in this web, It´s amazing how people from different countries, and different ways to see the live, can work all together given the best.
And here comes the question , as some of you already know I ´m starting to render draws with photoshop, until now I have worked with Corel draw and freehand , since two months ago I´m working with illustrator, because in the beginning I thought that was in off to do a good render, this opinion changed when I discovered what you guys can do with photoshop .
But I have a problem, in the place where I work in the beginning of the design process they want to see if really I am getting what they are looking for, then I need to show them quick draws but in colour, and once that they are agree I make the render draws (that cost me more time).
Right now I am doing the quick draws in illustrator and I give colours creating new layers and once they are agree I export to photoshop, but here comes the problem, Photoshop doesn’t recognize all the layers and I have to start again to create the layers ,to give colour and render them. What am I doing wrong?
That’s is one question and the other one is : What do you think that is the best way to make a illustration?

  • Doing the draw by hand, scan it and start in photoshop …. if is this…How do you do?
  • Doing the draw in illustrator and later pass to Photoshop?
  • Buying a tablet and drawing by hand directly in the computer? I like this way but the tablet must be expensive, and I,m not sure that works directly with photoshop.

I´m sorry about my English I am trying to improve it as well


Hi Sleeve,

Normaly what a client want to see as a first design is a sketch,shape of last,soles etc,but fast,it tooks like 30minutes make some sketches.

And about renderings,i know that PS doesn’t recognize Illustrator’s layers,but for me I dont mind,cause what Im doing is artwork & colloring by Illustrator and render by PS,just give some shadows and brights,nothing else.

check what im doing as an example:

Hey Francisco, nice work!

sleeve and Francisco, have you ever used the EXPORT feature in Illustrator?

I have CS2 and it lets you export to a PSD and lets you save all the layers and all the type. You can edit type once you open it up in Photoshop!

It will render each element in the Illustrator layer and add it to a folder that you can open and select individual objects.

sleeve, I just started to use PS also for drawing. I was a Vector drawer until I saw what people are doing in PS. For me, the easiest thing to do is to scan your sketches into PS then color them in PS.

If they are approved, take the scans you made and import them into Illustrator and redraw them, then go back to PS and color them.

Once you get the hang of Paths in PS, you might not have to go to Illustrator as much.


Hey J,many thanks.

Im gonna try straight away.


Hi guys.

Thanks in advance for yours feedbacks, Billymenut (Francisco or Paco however you like jeje) I like a lot your style in my first work I drew a lot of courts shoes, but you know, to apply scan textures I use PS and I have worked a lot with vector programs and now I want to try to it with PS because I think that is going to improve my skills a lot.
J6 I had try already with the Export featured, but PS doesn’t recognize all the layers, and group some of them in one, I think I´m doing something wrong but I don’t know what, I will try more to find it.


What version of Illustrator and PS do you have?

Both of mine are CS2. billymenut, let me know the results!


I have check it in the option: about Illustrator and about Photoshop
Illustrator CS2 12.0.0 and Photoshop CS2 9.0. As you can see both of them are CS2, but Illustrator is 12.0.0 and Photoshop is 9.0, is the problem here?
I have try a lot of times in different ways and always the same result.

That should work. I’m not sure what you are doing in Illustrator as far as masks gradient meshes etc. but all the times I’ve tried it, it worked perfect.

If you want, you can email me the Ill. file and I can try it on my computer.


OK, I got the file and did the export and it gave me only 10 layers.

It seems to group things. Then while I was in Illustrator, I clicked the RELEASE TO LAYERS option in the layers drop down menu.

It gave me 23 layers which is what you had. You had some groupings and it merged them. I un-grouped everything and did Release to Layers and this time I got 28 Layers.

I’m sending you the PSD.

Hope this helps.


Ok J6, thanks a lot, I just check the email and I have try releasing all the layers in Illustrator all has worked perfect.
I knowed that, I was doing something wrong, thanks a lot for your help.
This time was the groups.
Next time…

Hey Jester,for me is impossible.
Im making now a new design and I was trying to export from Illistrator to photoshop,once I opened the file on photoshop appeared the illustrarion but without any layer,just the image and its layer.

Anyway I’ve got the CS version.

Email me your Illustrator file and I’ll try it out. It worked on sleeve’s file.

We’ll at least try to figure out where the problem is.

Which CS version do you have? My email is twoam@hotmail.com