I need all the help I can get...

Hello I have currently updated my portfolio and I’m in seek of productive feedback. I look forward to reading comments.

Portfolio link

Thank you in advance.


I think you’re very close to having an excellent portfolio. There’s a good balance of investigation and process imagery. I also like the layout with plenty of white space so that your work is emphasised rather than the page title. The sketching look is very clean too!

There are some tweaks that would improve it:

  1. The text is too small to read on my computer. it might have something to do with the scaling down that happens with presenting a folio on that site. Text isn’t the number one priority but it does help explain some of the images; particularly the ones discussing human factors. A .pdf format would probably be an instant solution.

  2. The image of the knife sharpener on the last page needs improvement. To me the tiles are too distracting and the image is too dim. A well-lit, studio style shot would be much better. Maybe you don’t even need that image at all?

  3. The battery charger project seems weak compared to the other projects. To me it doesn’t sell anything about your abilities that the other projects don’t show. Might consider omitting it.

Overall it is a very good portfolio. Good stuff!

Thank you Slinky, your advice is of great value and I appreciate your time.