I need advices

I need advices, I am designer of furnitures and objects. I live in Greece but I cannot find the suitable work. I will try to attach some of my project. simply i want your honest comments about me and my work. thanks!http://sonam.squarespace.com/journal/

this site is my first trying to make a site, i think in somedays to be beter! thanks again!



I am not expert on web design…but my general feeling from your site is…well…its boring. On top of that all you have a renderings - we have no idea if these are professional pieces, experimental pieces, if you have done any research, if any of this work has ever been made, or even your process in general.

It looks like you have a number of nice pieces, but you should try to capture of more of the essence of the project by showing us other parts of the process. A few descriptive sentences never hurt either…just my two cents…

ok , first of all thanks for reply.

this works have never been made and i’m trying to find the way to be made. there are not comments in the page because i has not the time to do this. and my point to make this site is because i want to hear the first comments for this work as ideas.

this time i’m in process for research about the manufacture and the cost for some of this pieces but it will be good if you make some propose about the parts of the process of the project which you want to see, because most times i just imagine something and i try to make the image as a render.

me too!!

Try to looking for your job outside your country.

I´m spanish living in london man,i have my suitcase full of dreams,it´s hard as hard is the life.