I need a quick lesson on how to make a picture book...

I am making a picture book that I am laying out with Freehand MX 2004. I don’t know how to avoid having a 6 gig file in the end, if I keep putting big hi res (300 dpi) tiffs on each page. It will be about 100 pages and will have giant photos on each page. Should I do it in parts or something? I mean, if I don’t embed the images to the files, then I have to lug supporting folders around and break links every time I move it. I’m having fun, but I’m ready to go forward. Any advice would be cherished and employed.


What format is a big picture book in before it goes to print? You have to give your whole hard drive to the printer or what? Are they all just pdfs in the end?
What happens?
Thanks again