I need a container, anyone know of good ones.

I want to get a tool box for my drafting supplies. I’m always lugging my supplies around. Anyone know of a good container soution for drafting and drafting supplies?

whats drafting?

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I make most of my supply storage stuff, so sorry…I don’t know much about the storage “things” sold in stores, but every time I’m in an artstore, the storage section seems to get bigger and bigger.

What size container do you need and how rigid do you want it to be?

Try the fishing equipment at supermarkets, those boxes that look like tool boxes. They are very cheap, and has all kinds of compartments. When I was a freshman I had to take all kinds of foundation classes, and people will buy one of those “art bins” that costs $30 each. Those fishing boxes are exactly the same, if not better, and costs less than $10 each.

Home Depot has a red plastic toolbox with a lift out caddy for $4.99.

About the same size as the typical ArtBin box approx 18" W 8" d 9"H.

I need something a little bigger. I have all these freakin triangles and french curves that won’t fit. I’m thinking of just designing one and sending it to artbin and telling them to get there shit straight.

I always see students dragging those huge Stanley tool boxes on wheels around. I never understood. Since sophmore, I’ve not been carrying many things with me around. Most of the work is done out of class time, and I use less and less of rulers and french curves, perhaps only on large renderings.

May I ask why do you need to carry your drafting tools around?

I have a small house and therefor use one of those drafting boards rather than a drafting table. I move it around alot from my living room, to my bedroom, to my girlfriends, and so on and so on. I hate carrying everything along with it. I use trangles, and french curves alot. I use them more than most of the things I got. It would be nice to be able to keep them organized and move them together in a nice simple case.

If you just need a container for triangles or fench curves, I will suggest just make you own cardboard case, some thing that you can just slide your things in. It will be easy to carry too.

It sounds like you just need a zippered portfolio bag that you can throw both your flat drafting tools and your portable drafting board into.

Sounds like you need to make a cardboard ‘sleeve’ that you can put all your sweeps and straightedges in. Then you could secure the sleeve to the board with some large rubber bands, bungee cords, etc. Attach a handle to the side of the board, and you can carry the whole damn thing around with you.

Certainly not a solution to wow your friends with, but you’re probably on a limited budget…no need to go out and design and build something fancy when it’s just going to get beat to hell and back going from place to place.

Haha. I like the bungee cord idea.

hand drafting is so old school?
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Don’t even try to protect those stupid little bits of plastic they will serve you no purpose in the “real world”. Let them break in your school bag, how much cooler is it when you see someone achieve something great through adversity…so too in the hand drafting world. Turn up to class with a bent t-square and a set square that has been snapped and taped back together 3 times then go about wowing your peers as you produce the best work of your studies with these MacGyver styled implements. I guarantee you top of the year just for the appearance of social struggle, through broken equipment.
It will also help to leave the caps off your markers for half the summer.
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I use a leather nose bag intended for a horse, they have a draw string work really well.

I use a leather nose bag intended for a horse, they have a draw string work really well.

I used some nose string to draw a horse, intended for use as a leather bag , it also worked well

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I use a standard courier bag with many inner sections,
most are lined, hand sticthed with leather as to protect stuff like leaded pencils.

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