I may have found out why SCAD isn't NASAD accredited

There has been NUMEROUS discussion about why SCAD isn’t NASAD accredited. Obviously this is a thorn to many folks and does raise ,“Red flags.” I , therefore, did some research on this issue.

It seems that private schools are treated differently from state universities for NASAD accreditation. State universities can get individual programs approved by NASAD. However, for private schools like SCAD, all programs must be NASAD approved. Suposedly, the ID department wanted NASAD approval and some of the dapartments at SCAD didn’t,which prevented NASAD accreditation. Supposedly , they did try for the accreditation, to their credit.

you’re a year and a month late.

to your credit, you correctly repeated the facts that I had previously stated in my post on February 11th, 2008…

“SCAD did look into NASAD accreditation. NASAD allows public universities to get accreditation for just one school/department within the University. For private schools they require the entire school to get NASAD accreditation. There were other schools (performing arts, painting, graphic, interaction, game development, etc, etc) within SCAD that did not want to do this so the Industrial Design Department was unable.”

SCAD is accredited by SACS, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (http://www.sacscoc.org/); this is the same accreditation system that acknowledges Clemson, Duke, Emory, Wesleyan, and more.

Do we really need to get into this again. This has been explained over and over again on these blogs. Not only have the Alum explained it, there has also been Profs from the school come on here and give the run down as well. Taxguy I believe you were involved in these discussions. I just feel like this is like beating a dead horse.

Really? Is it a thorn to their students? Is it a thorn to their sucessful alumni? Or is it a thorn to you, the non designer who for some reason keeps beating this horse?

We get it, your daughter goes to UC and she loves it. And apparently all programs that aren’t UC must not be very good. For a person that has 100+ posts all in the education forum, I’m not sure where you’re getting any of your information other then second hand sources. “Oh I heard he said she said that this school doesn’t give you good job opportunities”.

SCAD is a great school, with great students and great professors. Having attended multiple portfolio reviews and design conferences as a student and as a professional, I can tell you SCAD students consistently have some of the best portfolios I’ve seen. End of story.

That’s Taxguy’s M.O. He’s the self-appointed authority on art and design schools in the United States. He patrols a number of forums and on one has well over 5000 posts. I’ve explained SCAD’s accreditation to him over and over as far back as 4 years ago, and yet apparently he keeps bringing it up. I do understand it can raise a red flag for some parents, but in no way shape or form does this mean that SCAD does not provide as good or better academics, facilities, or faculty than the NASAD schools. He’s never even been to SCAD. Why he continues to have a beef, I have no idea.

I have reversed my stance on accreditation. The schools are so different that it doesn’t seem to really matter much. Seems more like a rubber stamp?

Hooray for bumping threads that are a year and a half old. I was getting worried this horse hadn’t been beaten enough yet. :wink: