I made a beer dispenser!

Hey guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. My last posts were about a skateboard shop display and a monitor stand. Core 77 helped me realize that I wanted to design (and that design was a viable career path!) so I’d really like to keep sharing with this community. Plus, I really value your input.

Anyway, I’m moving from Boston to Philly for an engineering job. As a going away gift, I built my roommates this beer tap dispenser slash beer spillage catcher for our keggerator. Check it out! Let me know what you think.

Also, I didn’t include all the sketches, just a few of them. I did a pretty poor job documenting the design process on this one, oops!


Some cool ones from Japan:

Nice project! I like the simplicity of it, I think some action shots would be nice so we can see how it works with the kegerator. Also how do you pull out the spillage pan, are there handles on the side?

What sort of protective coatings do you have on the wood or metal to protect them from spillage?

Thanks for sharing.

You might not even need a tap in your design… Check out this setup. This thread seemed like the best fit for this

Filling up beer cups from the bottom

  • How that stuff works:*

That’s certainly one way to “pour” a perfect beer. Fast too, faster than you could draft a beer I think.

Two thoughts: 1) those must be fairly expensive “disposable” cups(plus the magnetic seal), and 2) I’m really not in love with the server touching the lip of the cup (every time) … at the very least he should be wearing gloves.

May be just a training issue though; “Don’t touch the rim of the cups!”