I love recessions.... Cintiq

Did this monitor cost 2500 bucks early this year? Interactive Pen Displays & Touch Screen Tablets I checked used prices on craigs list and they are all at or around 1600 to 1800.

Did I read correctly that users can purchase alternate pens… one for airbrush.

I believe they lowered the price point a while back when they eliminated the 20WX (widescreen 20") that used to fill the $2000 pricepoint. There was little difference between the two but they ran out of that model so they lowered the price.

You can buy multiple pens - markers, airbrushes, but IMO they don’t add a ton to the process and only certain software supports the features.

I really wish they’d find the suppliers for a new widescreen model. With the bulky creative suite menus taking up the side, your’e left with roughly a square sketch area. My only consolation is that I can’t afford one quite yet…

I just got the 21 inch at work and it was $2000

where is the new wide screen model. I don’t see it on the http://www.wacom.com/ site. I want one!

It’s not new, it was brought in after the 21UX but phased out earlier because they all sold out and from what I recall hearing, they weren’t able to source a LCD that actually matched the panel they had so I’m guessing they just got rid of it completely since the 21UX is what most people buy.

thats funny. i would think the manufacture would simply make more screens to order.

Yes, sorry. I was hoping for a new widescreen one, there isn’t one at the moment. =(

You’d be surprised - stuff like that goes end of life rather often and different manufacturers all have panel specs that differ more than just dropping in a panel from a new company. I’ve had to deal with that issue recently - had to radically change a design because even though the battery used exists and is orderable, it was planning to go end of life in like 3 years which meant it couldn’t be used. End result is a product that is 10% bigger, even though it still currently uses the smaller battery they wanted the extra “expansion room” in the design.

For some products like that, even though there are lots of 20" panels, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll meet the specs required by the digitizer.