I know, another corefolio, but this one has changed

Hello. I have posted my corefolio before with some moderate feedback, but I have made a major change, mainly including development of my senior thesis. There is also a link to a video of my working model, just to give you an idea of the stage I am currently at.

PLEASE give me as much feedback as you can. What is working? what isnt? what should I change? Be nasty IF YOU MUST. I am about to graduate and I need to feel that I can compete with what you guys consider competent.

Much appreciated!


I really like the EMT concept. The sketches are very well done and are easy to understand. I think the seats that allow the EMT to move around while still being buckled in are great. And the sliding modules in the ceiling are a good idea as well.

The photos used in the sunglasses work well and look very professional. I wish I had a product design that I could use a hot girl in! Maybe I should design something on the side for that very purpose. Ha ha!

Nice work. I like the revisions.

thanx! yeah ive been busting my but on that ambulance. i think its salient enough a problem to get sponsored or a grant for further research, but no luck for now :frowning:

I like that your portfolio shows both style-based products like the eyewear, as well as need-based products, like the ambulance. Your sketches are clear and the work shows research and thought.

you have a good future ahead of you!

thanks! this is going better than i thought haha. thanx for the kind comments…unfortunately its not that easy to get that job. sometimes i hate the aspect of ID that relies on networking: ie who you know rather than what you know or what you can do. but it seems it wouldnt work any other way.

Hey…Great looking stuff! Sketches are clear and concise, and there are some nice forms happening. My only criticism would be too see more of the yin/yang chair and less of the scrubbing brush. The brush looks like a first year design project, and doesn’t hold up well to other quality stuff in the portfolio. Just my 2¢

Great stuff, but totally ditch the scrub brush, it’s not up to the level of your other work so it does nothing but bring you down. Add even more sketching, employers love to see that. Maybe some concept generation to show how you got to your final designs.

hmmmm. i thought the scrubber had a pretty good process…i guess im not showing the process very well there. what is it about that project thats not up to par? is it the model, or the sketches, or the idea itself?

i want to show i can make physical models as well as computer ones. i dont want to have just fancy alias and end up a cad monkey. thats why i kept that one there.