I just developed my first app and wrote about my experience

Perhaps some of you have dreams (or nightmares) about the App Store and are wondering just what it takes to get an iPhone app out there. Well, I did just that and while the memories of it are fresh I wrote a little post mortem article about it:

The article

Since I wanted to put the app in my portfolio, I really tried to think hard about the interaction. I hope I managed to make it look interesting and informative, while inviting some exploration at the same time. If you try it, note how I animate the hues of time zones to represent different locations in the world and the values to represent different times of the day.

Also, even though I did not set out to do it, in hindsight I employed a classical product design trick, which is to turn something on its head; most time zone converters have vertical lists, I have horizontal and most time zone converters list cities first, while I list the time zone name first.

The app is at this link and if you want to know anything, just ask!