I hope this experiment works!

Some say that you really cant figure out what you want in an education until you are done with school and have a bit of time to figure out a few things. My story is that I went to school for furniture and now I realize that I want to go into ID. This is not the most impossible task. At my alma mater the furniture and ID departments were right next to each other and a lot of cross pollination did happen. I transfered into this school so I did not have to take any of the design drawing classes. At the time I had no interest in learning how to draw because I was a former painter that turned to sculpture and eventually furniture, in short I was fed up with any form of hand drawing, even though I have years of hand drafting experience. With furniture I developed a great skill set that allowed for many different types of idea exploration. In a sense I can work through the design process with a minimal amount of sketching. However after a few job interviews I am becoming quite aware that sketching is where its at and whats wanted.

I am ready to take on the challenge to boost my sketching skills at any cost. I have been a fan of core77 since the 90’s and I read a lot of the threads. I made the right choice and ordered Design Sketching, which is the best 50 dollars spent, ever. I also went out and picked up a skeleton set of prismacolor veithin pencils. Life is funny in that I inherited half a set of prismacolor markers years ago, and that is one less purchase to make.

I am ready and determined to make this work and I think the learning curve shouldnt be too steep, I was a first a painter for a long time! I have a lot of ideas of where to start. I am planning on working through old finished designs and working backwards to show the process involved. I am also thinking about working on new ideas, but I have to ask other than these two places are there any other interesting places to start with sketching?