I hearby call SHENANIGANS on AutoCAD!

I don’t care if its 25 years old or not, I’m calling SHENANIGANS!

you may ask yourself what Im talking about,

Ill start it off here:

What is the deal with having the copy button directly next to the erase, about 75% of the time I try to copy something it disapears, PUT SOME SPACE IN BETWEEN THE BUTTONS (on the right click menu) to cope with micro movements in ballless mice.

-or if you rather-

A) you can edit the areas that are hatched, such as when you add a feature,


B) just because you cannot see a boundry on the screen doesn’t mean its not there!

I can’t be the only person who has problems, this is the place to call them out. Maybe these can get fixed by the 26th birthday of the software…


People still use autocad?


you can’t customize your toolbars?
change software

Why don’t you just use the command line like any normal AutoCAD user?

fillet command seems to be an area of much frustration

I guess I need to apologize, I had no idea that I was so out of touch with our field, I retract my earlier statements. :laughing:

I never noticed how the copy button was next to the cut button. I always use keyboard inputs. That is bad design though.

I use autocad in order to verify DXF files that I send out for PCB design and sheet metal flat patterns.

Funny…I use Rhino for that.

Shouldn’t Ctrl+X,C and V be in just about every single designers keyboard vocabulary by now?
(Note: please substitute the corresponding Mac key, for Mac users)