I have seen better than this


please shoot me now

I’m not going to critique someone’s work who hasn’t posted here specifically for that purpose, but this reminded me of an Innovation article that maybe we would like to discuss. Did anyone catch that article in Summer '04 by Rita Sue Siegel? She discusses the benefits of a US design education.

At least they have a job…

How do you know they have a job? I didn’t see that listed on their resume…?

Quality… I particularly like the mispellings in the overview section. Really sets the stage for the rest of the work.

forgive me if I sound like the voice of reason but instead of bashing this portfolio why dont you offer some helpful tips? We readily do that for people who ask for it on this forum. Maybe we can continue helping each other? No-one likes to be picked on or apart, especially by strangers. If there are spelling/grammatical errors maybe you could be kind enough to suggest corrections? English is not the writers first language and if it is yours, you could try to be helpful…again…keeping in mind they have not asked you for your review or your help.

hehe did you read the resume??

Quote, 1st line…

“I have just finished my studies and work at a firm”

And if anyone wants any help then fire away!


‘(o ) ( o)’ you did this exact same post like a year or so ago, didnt you?..

You runnin out of ideas or sommin

DOH! You are right, he does have a job. But then they go on to sound like they are still searching for something…perhaps the firm they work at isn’t in design?

I too would comment if the person had posted the portfolio themselves.

Now you take a stab at writing a résumé in Greek and I’ll hehe.

Are you people intentionally ( by people I mean the starter of this topic) looking for shitty portfolios to make yourself feel better? “Look there’s someone who sucks more than I do! Yay!”

Is this necessary? It IS a bit nasty to poke fun when a critique wasn’t requested.

i will but before that put your stuff up


I just replied to the dude that started the topic.

Really, why would someone post something like that when they never asked. However, it is bad. lol

this is hilarious. you guys are all complete idiots.

you ain’t faraway cowboy