I have owned exactly one car I would kill for.

Sadly, this is a society in which few men own a car they love so much they would fight to avenge its demise. Men would be more likely to fight to protect their iPods.

A bit of humor this afternoon … When Men and Cars Were Truly Bonded. Enjoy.

Daniel Craig as James Bond in “Skyfall.”

Watching Skyfall, I said “oh they better damn well not touch the DB5!” and then I cried a little.

Very good article. I’d say I’m pretty bonded with my car. It’s nothing crazy special…yet :slight_smile: but it’s always been the one thing I keep coming back to and spending far too much money on :laughing: then of course I hear it from everyone who’s “just an average suit” that I spend too much and that I shouldn’t, blah blah blah… They’ll never understand :slight_smile:

While I love the idea of driving, the reality of driving squashes any romance.

What’s the point of a DB5 if you are stuck behind a minivan doing 45 on a county road with little chance of passing or not moving in bumper-to-bumper?

Maybe I’ve got to get out of Chicago to appreciate driving, but living in Podunk America has little appeal too.

Living in Boston and then SF I definitely started to simply loath driving… And I love cars! I just started hating the whole ordeal of owning them, parking them, maintain them, not to mention the bloody traffic.

Now living in a little ocean town one of my favorite things to do is take one of the rides out and blast on the backroads to some obscure destination or on an open stretch of the 101. It is easy to fall in love again with the right road and the right car. The surf is very high right now. Last night I threw the top down and just drove along the ocean. Rowing through the gears, the sound of the ocean over the engine, and the site of the water out the windows . Awesomeness.

Yeah…buying a new car and sitting in traffic on the interstate all day is pretty miserable. I’m glad the inside is a comfortable place to be, but I miss living in the backwoods of VA where any number of country mountain back roads would become my own personal Nurburgring.

You guys own the wrong cars. Here’s my criteria:

  1. Low power
  2. Light
  3. Noisy
  4. Simple
  5. Ultra-reliable

If you have that, you can always find a place to enjoy driving. Maybe it just 1 turn per day, but it still makes me smile.

I also find snow helps. J-turns down narrow streets are always fun.*

*I do not condone this activity. Make sure to have a lot of practice beforehand. Watch out for people or cars that you could hit before attempting. In other words, don’t be a knob.

I tried that…commuted in a Miata for 3 weeks, wanted to kill myself. But that might have been because I’m 6’4.

Cyberdemon: I call that: “Building Character”!

Talking about the love of driving, here is a daily dose of car pr0n!


I live in michigan where there lots of open roads to drive on and traffic isnt really too bad, but once I got the C43 and started autocrossing every weekend (when its autocross season) the love for driving has been taken to a new level, its got to the point where i dont even care to drive the AMG other than autox, daily driving it is only like 10% better than driving my saturn, but autocrossing it is like 1000% better. Oh and i love the car, really wouldn’t trade it for anything… might be other cars i would like to have AS WELL, but would never part with it.

heres some vids from my youtube page shot with my gopro:

I def recommend any car guys that love driving to get a car that you use for autocross! haha.

Nice! The motor sounds great.

i know i love the sound! popular mod on these is to remove the exhaust resonators and 2nd set of cats, which i did within a week of having the car :slight_smile:

Having 2 sets of cats, 2 resonators and a muffler just seems like overkill.

The EPA says you’re welcome.

2 sets of cat’s is normal. Most are stuck with 3 sets now esp if they’re trying to get SULEV for CARB.

The EPA says you’re welcome.

And the great State of California would say, “You’re busted.” And you’d get to park it until it was restored to it’s OEM configuration… :confused:

But once it’s old enough (I think it’s 25 years here) they don’t care anymore (I know that doesn’t make sense, but that is California now isn’t it.)… that’s why a '68 Karmann Ghia with a Subaru WRX engine stuffed into it sounds like fun.

I’d like to see the plumbing for the rad. I always wanted a Subaru powered Type 3 squareback with AWD. I lack almost all of the engineering ability to make it happen though;)

It must have been a European thing?? with these mods the car still passes all regulations/tests in the USA, i think even California, and there are so few of the cars that nobody knows what its ‘supposed’ to have. i can understand resonators, because yes my car is louder than most people would want, but a 2nd set of cats?

i would understand if it were a 2009 model or something, but 1999? again, makes me thing it was done for europe :confused:

It’s usually the other way around, the reasonator they could ticket you for being noisy, but not for emissions. The cat’s are a big deal even though everyone does it (my C5, Nissan and Acura all had at least 1 set of cats removed).

Every state is different, but in many states any removing of a cat (even if it’s un-necessary such as a 3rd cat) is illegal (most shops won’t notice/care, but some will, especially if it throws a CEL from the O2 Sensor). Usually it’s just the fact that they can’t tell which makes it fine.

In VA they would actually do an emissions check and look around the car, so you’d have to disguise the fake cat with some bogus heat shields and an O2 Simulator to avoid the check engine light. The Acura had 3 cats so you could remove the 3rd one without it throwing any lights, but it was still technically an “off road” pipe.

I’d like to see the plumbing for the rad. I always wanted a Subaru powered Type 3 squareback with AWD. I lack almost all of the engineering ability to make it happen though;)

I have the “engineering ability”, I just don’t have the motivation to bang through all the trial and error. Guess what Ray, it’s already been done for us!

see > Conversion Overview

Which now has me thinking… VW transmission, 3.3 liter Subaru engine, and then throw away the rest of the VW in favor of something home-brewed to hook all the pieces together.

But you’d probably prefer this… Aussieveedubbers - Non-VW Engine Conversions - Info wanted, on type3 subaru install keeping engine under the the stock cover . - Powered by GaiaBB :wink:

I want the AWD too though!

Would I kill for it? Probably not, but I’ll certainly never part with it unless I would absolutely… die if I kept it. :frowning: :confused: