I have offer letters from Swinburne and UTS, help me choose!

Hi, well I applied for the master of design (interior design) at Swinburne University in Melbourne Australia and I got the offer letter already.

I also applied for the Master of Design at UTS (University of Technology Sydney) in Sydney… and I got the offer letter too.

I like both, The Swinburne master is on interior design and it is so much more expensive than the UTS master wich have a major on project management that I would love to take.

I hope you can help me making the best choice, not just saying wich University is better (of course it is important) but what do you think it would be better for employment after the master, and my professional future! Interior design, or project management major? I know they are different, but I love them both!

I am an Industrial Designer from Colombia, south america…

Thank you for your help! :smiley: