I have hit the design conference trifecta :)

I have hit the trifecta of design this fall/winter.

I get to go to:

Connecting07 conference www.idsa.org/ICSID-IDSA07/connecting.html

China Wuxi International Industrial Expo www.china-id.cn/expo/engindex.aspx


The Hong Kong Business of Design Week (BoDW) www.bodw.com.hk/

Anyone else joining me?

We’re all jealous, Tim. :wink:
Please post some info about Wuxi when you return from that one.


Have you been to the Wuxi Expo before? I went a couple years ago. I met some great people and saw some exceptional student work but averall it was not really very valuable/informative.


First time to Wuxi. Thanks for the imput.

I am really goin gthere to build up my relationships in the PRC so sounds like it will be helpful.