I have been drawing today...

… and what a nice way to spend the day !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Here’s the result :

A bit optimistic on the cushioning but whatever, this is just a conceptual drawing

Tell me what you do you guys think.


Great sketch! The cushioning is not that far off, I just bought a puma shoe with something similar, can’t find it online, and I left it at work, I’ll shoot a picture for you next week.

Hey, brilliant concept for cushioning!

Remember the Nike Ovolo that came out last year? It’s the same kind of idea but without your guiding rail on the heel. You’ve taken the idea in a really interesting direction…

Ps Has any one tried the Ovolo, btw? What’s it like? And, great sketch, pikolo!

The Ovolo differs a little bit because your heel will actually touch the cushion. On my idea, there would never be contact.

I’m not sure about which material can be enough supportive and lightweight to create my cushioning and also restitute energy in the forefoot as it it the same part. Any Ideas?

What I didn’t put on my sketch is having the possibility to add/remove friction in the rail to tune your cushioning.

Pikolinho do brasil

channel the sweat towards the heel ( something like capilary action in the footliner) to be used as lubricant … that way after a really tiring run / workout the cushioning would be buttery soft!

very cool concept

Still, a very nice sketch, Her is a little technical feedback:

  1. stitching, you need to keep that fine italian leather in place some how.

  2. your eystay looks a little short, extend it further down

  3. you foot sweats the most on the top where you have almost no breathability, make your tongue out of “ultra breathable fabric”… or mesh.

  4. the top eyelet looks like it has molded form through 2 materials? Doubtful this could be done, and if it could be, doubtful you would want to waste the money to do it with no real gain.

  5. the cuts for flexibility are right below a huge chunk of rubber that won’t flex.

Great concept…Could be helpful in training…Elevating the heel off the ground helps to to the fine muscle fiber in your calf…Could be interesting…

Thanks Michael and Jay for the inputs,

I will take them in consideration for my next concepts.

Yeno : what a sweet idea or should I say what a sweat idea? Maybe a bit hard to sell because you will have to explain the customer his sweat will stay under his heel…

is this done by hand ??? it doesn’t look like a hand drawing …what is it?

It was definetly done by hand. Looks like some form of digital rendering. Photoshop, Alias Sketchbook, Painter??? None the less, great drawing and awesome concept. Thumbs up!

You have it right josht, it was done in Painter.

Here is the line drawing

great line quality and sense of perspective. This is a really excellent sketch, and you did not over render it either, just enough to visually communicate your idea. Good work. A few stitching lines would really go a long way to making it look more real, try overlaying some on.

sweet design!!! the line drawingg is also very dope…

Sweet drawing. Not over done at all.

I know this is a bit off topic but…

To clarify - the “by hand sketch” Was this done on paper and then scanned in for rendering in Painter or was it sketched by hand “in” Painter using a Wacom or tablet? (am I making sense here?)


Everything was done on a graphic tablet using Painter, from sketching lines to the color rendering. Sketching lines on the tablet is not the most natural thing to do but Painter has this page rotate function that helps you not to break your wrist.

DAMN, the line quality is…DAMN!
keep up the good work
how many layers, overlays, what have you before you got to the final lines?