I Hate Recruiting

Sorry, but I need to vent.

Why is it that clients just don’t get it? Even when the exact same experience happened within the last 12 monthes. Don’t they have memories. Maybe I am generalizing a little bit but a couple of clients just don’t realize that you generally get what you pay for.

They need some general positioning and attribute research and want the usual mix of end users, decision makers and thought leaders. First, they think they can get a 100% return rate on their meager list of possible respondents. So when that doesn’t work they ask you for your database and offer to win an Ipod or something as a honorarium. They also keep on adding questions to jack up the time of the research. End users are low on the totem and may give up 45 minutes to have a chance for some piece of electronic crap but it isn’t going to happen with decision makers and thought leaders. We went through this with the last reseach and they don’t remember.

Well, its morning in Japan and I need 8 more respondents from AsiaPac. Its going to be a long night.