I got an offer!!!

Internship that is, in the US of course. The details have not been released to me yet, so I don’t know about the pay, housing and so on.

So is there anything I should be looking out for before I take the offer?

I’m not worried about the pay since I know it’s gonna be worthwhile anyways. I am more concerned about housing. Afterall, I will be there for only 3 months and it will be a huge inconvenience if I can’t find someplace that is already furnished.

Housing isn’t provided but I hope they can at least give me some direction.

oh, envy! :mrgreen: …i’ve applied to lots but to no avail…getting an intern in the states is so difficult…anyway, well done and good luck!

btw, which company?

Still no lead. Internship starting next week. Please help!!!

where are you interning (what city?)…is it Detroit? Almost every major city in the US and a few abroad is covered by craigslist.com which is a bulletin board that has lots of sublet options to peruse…good luck!