i got accepted!! but where to go??

recently, i’ve been accepted in to MICA & Otis, so far i’m still waiting for California college of art…can anyone help me to decide which one would fit me the most? I know MICA is a really good school…but the area…kinda worry…so suggestions please!!! i don’t need to know the background or anything~i’ve done my research~ i just need some people to tell me what they think…major is another thing that im confused…since MICA is environmental design, while im interested in Industrial/Product design…hope there’s not much different?

If you are the type that actually worries about places you’re in, mica might be tough to swing. It IS in baltimore, and if you don’t know what that means, pick up a few seasons of The Wire or visit the McD’s on North ave that’s not too far from the school at night! It’s not really that bad, but it depends on what you’re used to. If you’re not used to potentially shady areas, just make sure you stay on campus.

thanks for your suggestion…that was helpful, cuz i was freak out from what i found form studentreview.com…some people’s apartments were broke in and to me im really worry about how environment affect my education…so what about Otis? the quality of education? and the surrounding?

i live near otis…its next to LAX…not really a bad place…dont know anything else about it (its kinda near art center), and Cal Arts (california college of art? i guess…), is in valencia- pretty safe. ts right near six flags magic mountain

I love Baltimore.

I love arriving to it, spending a whole day there, and then leaving it all behind.

This city is dangerous.

Getting your home broken into is child’s play for Baltimore. What should be worrying about is murder, rape, and other violent crimes. I’ve spent time in dangerous cities, yeah, I think I’m invincible too, all that, but not here. The stats are there, I wouldn’t live in this city until things pick up.

That’s my opinion, and I’ll stick by it.

i’ve been accpeted into SCAD!!! more choices now.