I feel pressurized to talk about Nike, but....

… I’ve got to show this:

For a retail price of $125 I’d expect more. Every shoe of the same model regardless of color has the same quality issue, some worse than others. So rather than blaming quality control, I’d prefer to ask this question,“Why did Nike still decide to do it when it’s such a predictable problem?”

blaspheme!!! the xiv is my favorite j

seriously where have you been the last 5-6 years? the retro mikes seem to routinely have the worst quality control…

mcow, you must have the hookup those retail at a buck fifty!

I lost touch with shoes because I realized that I am not going to spend money on things that don’t keep me excited for very long. I have a retro Jordan 9 and that’s all I need to play basketball.

$150? Hmmm… ok, whatever the case is, I still think this is ridiculous.

Remember: these shoes only costs around $25-30 to produce!!! Depending of course on how many children are involved in :unamused:
Seriously, it’s all about profit margins. if nike can squeesh a couple dollars more out of these shoes by shifting them to a low-cost, lesser quality factories… THAN THEY WILL! The brandname and hype is enough compensate for crappy shoes.

I’m assuming you’re talking about the painting on the sidewalls of the outsole? I personally can’t see how one would get it any neater without slowing the whole process down lots, by doing it by hand instead of with a mask, to me that looks pretty clean,I wouldn’t reject it.

Whoever thinks kids work in sneaker factories :unamused: get a grip - do you think they’d risk their multi million dollar contract for the sake of a few renminbi (and the increase in rejects that employing kids would mean). Please, grant the Chinese with some intelligence here.

Yup $25 to $30 is about right - the mark up is the same whether it’s Nike or Manolo Blahnik though.

I personally see this as a design issue rather than manufacturing issue. You can solve this problem with come design changes without changing the look too much and will avoid making the result look cheap. Like you said, it’s hard to demand any higher level of quality control without slowing down the production line, so there must be something else that could have been done to avoid it.

One thing i can think of will be putting a little grove into the lower portion of the sole as the parting line for the colors. I’m sure it will help hide the masking lines.

The painted midsole operation is something that was popular during this time period. It’s not done as much because the quality couldn’t be improved (without jacking the price way up by having people meticulously hand paint them). So if a shoe like the xiv is re-released, they will be made exactly the same way they always have been, no changes. Sometimes our minds eye remembers things in a different light.

Cow, do you know how much uproar there would be if we changed a retro as you suggest! Even a small change. C’mon now. If your going to criticize a shoe designer, I would start with someone lesser than Tinker Hatfeild.

retro Jordan’s are still produced in the same factories as new AJ’s, and they are above average as far as Asain factories go…I’ve been to some below average ones, you should listen to people that have actually been there.

I’m not sure what’s with the total BS comment about feeling pressure not to post about Nike, but you will feel pressure not to post something that is an attack without first gathering your information. I’m happy to answer questions, pointed comments like this though I find childish. I’d expect a little more thought from you mCow. These guesties of course are another story.

Should I post some pics of my de-laminating Adidas One’s that cost $300? This seems a little silly.

nope, it won’t unless you actually are co-molding or bonding the two parts together. A groove would make it harder to control the paint, allowing it to bleed behind the mask. A raised parting line would be better–work much like a fence–and was probably recommended by the factory at first, with a 2 mm bleed area to allow for alignment; essentailly shrinking the painted area 2mm around. But that would have made the upper forward hook of the wrap too tight for masking–the factory would have recommended it to be rounded off and reduced by about another 3mm to make the curve easier to produce.

at a lesser company the design intent would be compromised for the efficiency of manufacturing, in order not to slow down the line and raise production costs (slower line = more you pay the workers on a hourly basis, the more you pay them in production costs).

funny how Nike would rather slow down a line to perfect a seemigly insignificant detail and make correct product (and incidentally pay its workers more for good work), than speed it up to make medicore product and pay them less…

blaspheme!!! the xiv is my favorite j

seriously where have you been the last 5-6 years? the retro mikes seem to routinely have the worst quality control…

mcow, you must have the hookup those retail at a buck fifty!


as a sneak addict i am rather picky about my retroes and have been known to have the sales person bring out multiple pairs as to “inspect” said sneakers on on occassion i left the store without just because i deemed the stores offering not up to par.

it is probably true that when i was younger i would not have thought twice about loose seams or exposed excess glue and perhaps they were always there…it is a bit foolish to think it is only a nike/jordan thing but there have been times when i had left the store a little disappointed with the build quality of the retros…

then i remember they are just shoes (albeit expensive ones)

for my kicks- I am lucky if they have my size- then if they do have to cop them. In NYC you see it one second then gone when you turn around…

walking out without picking up a shoe because they didnt have your size or they are all scuffed because the last pair is the pair is the display…is upsetting but hope eastbasy has it…

good to have friends at footaction*


Oh come on, where do you work, that masking is about as clean as you can get it! We’re talking mass produced sneakers here - not a pair of made to order Jimmy Choos! They are also a public company with share holders to satisfy, so as long as they show growth and the sales keep rolling in they ain’t gonna change anything, just for a handful of moaning Headz :laughing: . Nike only gets away with charging the high prices because they know that people will pay it - of course in real terms limited edition SB’s etc are an overpriced rip-off but you could argue the same about about Gucci pet toys / Dior baby bottle etc…

If the quality bothers you, why not vote with your feet and collect some other kind ofshoe instead?

You’re a fussy bunch - tell you what there was a guy making bespoke sneakers by hand in Barcelona at the Bread and butter show - if I can find his business card he could make you some by hand.

Truth be known no one hand paints, they all mask, because otherwise it takes hours - why should Nike be any different? Factories do not like slow production either.

I don’t even see what you are talking about.

They look fine to me, and I’m sure they look fine from six feet away. In fact, they look awesome from six feet away. Just don’t kick anyone in the face in slow motion, and you should be okay and not get dissed that the lines aren’t perfect.

The white/red XIV’s rule.

one. I don’t see the problem

two. " Remember: these shoes only costs around $25-30 to produce!!! "
it takes only 5 second to conceive a new life… so?

  1. if you don’t like it then don’t buy it… but why waste your time on things you don’t like? you should focus on things you like and improve those

  2. I would just shut up, do something important before I even consider the possibility to criticize someone or something… again life’s way too short!!!