I dream of a fabric- translucent, elastic, and fireproof


I’m looking for a white fireproof fabric that is elastic- capable of stretching to about twice its size. I’m thinking of using this for a lamp shade, so the material should be white and able to diffuse light from a standard incandescent bulb nicely.

Thanks for any help!



there are quite a few companies that specialize in Theatrical fabric. Try one of those, or a company that sells Tradeshow supplies.

Most of that stuff has to be within fire code. ANd if I remember right, there are quite a few that stretch. You could probably get a sample for testing.


link to pdf^

if it doesnt work:

Vreeberg BV (netherlands) produces and sells extruded elastic material. They supply both rubber and thermoplastic materials.

General properties
For Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE’s), the so-called styrene block copolymers are used, also referred to by the term TPE-S. This is an exceptional basic starting material because a molecule of block copolymers combines the properties of a thermoplastic with those of rubber. This produces a unique type of polymer in which two hard, rigid end-blocks are connected with each other by a flexible, elastic mid-block. TPE’s are easy to colour: fluorescent, metallic and pearl effect and glow in the dark.

Vreeberg supplies film and sheet in any elastic material. Thickness starts from 0,1 mm to 4 mm, width from 1 to 1200mm. TPE sheet can be easily welded, also to PE or PP material. This avoids the use of glue or tape.Their latest development is the production of fabric covered elastic sheet. During extrusion, the fabric is indissolubly attached to the TPE sheet, on one or two sides.

Glossiness Matt
Translucence 0-50 %
Structure Closed
Texture Smooth
Hardness Resilient
Temperature Warm
Acoustics Moderate
Odeur None

Fire resistance Unknown
UV Resistance Good
Weather resistance Good
Scratch resistance Moderate
Weight Moderate
Chemical resistance Good
Renewable No

hope this helps