hi friendz!
:slight_smile: actually i have to submit topics for my final thesis,n i need help u may suggest any type of topic coz v have no limitations for choosing thesis topic,the time is going faster :cry: n i cant suggest any topic,i need to do sumthing different but i dont know y i m stuck!!!my field is related to product designing,furniture designing,interior designing…doing bechelors in industrial designing:D last year:D
plzzzz help n suggest

…what are your interests, what is your passion, where is your bliss?

Have you came to a conclusion yet? How about a disaster kit for the recovery efforts in New Orleans? Out of tragedy comes great innovation…Find a problem and become the solution!

Hope that helps…let me know if you have anything yet…

hi m back!!! n finalize my area of interest and that is medical base project, m goin to design a workstation for emergency cases, it will be a product which will be portable andwill solve all the problems that are facing by doctors and patients in Karachi, Pakistan.Now its time for research… will u plz tell me any link for free ebooks based on design topics…or if u find any kind of research or products or watever…plz tell me…n any suggestions u have plz tell me…thnx