I.D Programs list by cost?

In an an attempt to get the most bang for my buck I thought it would be a good idea to have a look at the cost of say the top 15 ID programs…so, what are they and how hard am I going to have to work to pay each one off?

unless you live in ohio or virginia they are all gonna cost about the same…except Carnegie mellon which is stupidly ridiculously expensive

I can tell you parsons. This semester I paid $19 000 (that is tuition alone, no housing/food).
It is probably going to go up for the nest one.

that’s an interesting question, you should be able to find out on each schools’ website what tuition is - so please post the list once you get it together.

Out of State for UC
$23,922 for the first year
$15,948 for the next four years

Total for Tuition alone. $87,714

But you always have to factor in scholarships, federal aid, and stuff like that. So realistically is a lot cheaper. But this is based off of the website numbers.

I was just looking at MassArt this morning and they have a very strange tuition structure where it’s VERY cheap for MA residents, still rather affordable for other New England residents (which I am) and for those outside of New England it it pretty expensive.
Then, I looked at the Maine College of Art and Design hoping that they’d have a similar tuition breakdown and that’s unfortunately not the case…same price for everyone.

While I was looking at schools, I put this together:

Hopefully it’ll help you out.

The difference in tuition between MassArt and Maine College of Art is because MassArt is a state school and MECA is a private university.

MassArt is an excellent school - I believe it’s the only state funded art school in the U.S., and some MassArt faculty members teach at RISD too.

I’m pretty sure MECA does not have an ID department, although they do have a furniture department.

grad programs
cranbrook=25gs a year
risd=34gs a year

just tuition

UIUC : UG: like 5-7 grand a semester if your out of state (you are) it is like double that, if your international it is like 70-90

Grad: for ID is not much more or free. Depending on what all you have going for you.

Can’t believe the price of university over there compared to here in the UK! Do you guys have a loans system that you use or is it just a case of hoping your parents put some cash away for you?

Virginia tech runs $13,674–$15,900 per year for in-state, and about $26,301–$28,527 out-of-state. That’s total estimated cost of attendance, including room and board. Tuition alone is ~$6300 in-state and ~$18000 out-of. This is according to the bursars office site.

Hmm i’m not actually sure where our program “ranks.” I know the College of Architecture (which we are a division of) just took #1 last year, but the only reference to our specific program that I can find wanted to charge me $34.95 to buy their book on colleges. No.

For 2008-2009 year, the undergraduate tuition and fees for Univeristy of Cincinnati

is :$3,133 per quarter,which translates to $9,400 per year for year one and year two,and about 2/3 of this for years 3-5 due to coops.

Out of state tuition and fees are:$7,974 per quarter or $23,922 per year.

HOWEVER, most of the students get at least a $2,000 per year Cincnnatus scholarship and many get $5,000 or more per year. Thus, the real tuition and fees for out of state students is more like $18,922-$21,922. In addition, years 3-5 can be 2/3 of this due to coops.

Finally, although not well publicized, it is very possible with advanced planning to become an instate resident while you are attending UC. Yes, iti s doable and I know of people who have done it. You need to carefully read what it takes to petition for resident status. Basically, you need to show that you paid all expenses for the preceding year out of your own money and didn’t get support by parents. In addition, you need to change voter registratioin, tax return filings, etc. to Ohio. It is doable and you there can qualify for in-state tuition rates around the second or third year.


Pratt was 18k-20k something like that. I graduated in 2002 though and prices have likely gone up. Good luck.

CMU is gonna cost you around $40,000+, but the pay-off is a great ID program and a fully fledged and well-ranked university to back you up. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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