I.D. Programs Compared - RIT, RISD, CMU, Pratt

I have been looking seriously at the I.D. programs at R.I.T, RISD, CMU and Pratt. I would welcome comments, Pro and Con, about these four programs. How do they compare? Strengths and weaknesses of each? Things about each to be particularly tuned into? Availability of internships?

Over the past couple of years there appear to have been some major program changes at the first two. How has this affected the programs? Thanks

Are you the guy who stopped by the studio on Friday?

RIT is changing, and I think it’s changing for good. I don’t think many people would disagree with that. But if you choose to go to RIT you will limit your internship opportunities. It might improve, as the ID department is going through some really significant changes, but it’s unlikely. You will really have to be on your own when looking for an internship after your sophomore/junior year.