I.D. Curriculum

I am currently a third year student studying industrial design at Virginia Tech, and have recently been wondering about our curriclum. My main concern is about the architecture classes that are mandatory for all I.D. majors to take, since I.D. is under the School of Architecture here. As I.D. students, we are required to take architecture classes which are quite possibly some of the worst classes I have ever had to take. I understand that Architecture and I.D. can influence eachother and open our eyes to new inspirations and stuff, but these classes are designed for the Architecture majors. As an out of state student paying a lot of money to study I.D. here, I feel like I am learning more about architecture than anything else, and this really gets under my skin and I feel like I am definitely not getting my money’s worth. It’s really frustrating because Virginia Tech isn’t too well known for it’s I.D. program, and I feel the curriculum really needs some re-thinking and needs to put way more emphasis on sketching and the design process in order to get some recognition.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation?

My situation is a little different because I’m only a first year student, but at University of Illinois at Chicago we have to take what they call a foundation year. Anyone with the intention of going into any art related major (studio art, graphic design, industrial design, film, etc.) has to spend their first year taking what they call the foundation course–the introductory class in each of those fields. Strangely enough, I don’t think architecture students have to do this, but I may be wrong about that. After the first year though, you move into almost entirely major related classes. In fact, you need to get special permission to take a course outside of your major.