I created a website, I was wondering what you guys think?

After a good amount of time working on this, its finally done! I was wondering what you guys think about this?

The one thing I really wanted to try to do is to show process and tell a story with each project. In addition to being a portfolio site, I wanted to include my personal work and blog about interesting things that are going on. It would be a good medium for a “sketch of the week.”

I’m wondering if everything looks alright? Is the wording ok?


Awesome stuff Sachin. I love your sketching style.

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Hello sachin,

I think that including all three golf clubs is a little bit excessive as well, but that is a highly subjective opinion. It could also be good to show that you have done multiple iterations of the same product category. Maybe you could probably cut it down to two golf clubs though…maybe include the black one and the red/white one because they vary the most from each other?

I think that the golf clubs are your best projects. I agree with Keno that you could benefit from some self-editing. I see a lot of projects on here that are sub-par or old. Keep some golf clubs in for sure, though.

To me it looks like you’re relying a little bit too much on your sketching ability whereas the designs aren’t always attractive or practical. The best illustration of this is the ZAGG product line. A lot of those designs are really well-drawn but they show a lack of restraint. This is of course my personal opinion. Maybe if you could show some supporting trend research or inspiration, it would be easier for you to defend your aesthetic choices?

The hoover vacuum is good, but I think you would greatly benefit from doing the cartridge mechanism in CAD. I don’t really understand how it works and I think it would help both you and the viewer understand it by building it in CAD or maybe even a physical sketch model. I also think that the front 3/4 beauty shot of the vacuum is out of perspective. It looks like the bag/stalk area is twisted to the right, whereas the part that sucks up the dust and is on the ground is facing to the left.

If taken as a whole, I would say the work is pretty good, though.

Lots of great input! There might be two more product projects that I’ll include within this portfolio. I may consolidate the Cobra work and the fine art sections. I’m still working on a good “designer” picture of me.