I choose my University module for next year, but need advice

Hey there. Yesterday I chose and submitted my choice for a module to take in my 2nd year of university which accounts for 1/6th of the year. I do BA Industrial Design in the UK. This means it is not as technical as Product Design.

I had 5 options and then narrowed it down to 3, UX, Sustainable Design and Virtual & Physical Prototyping. Although UX looked cool, I discounted it due to it being more graphics based, and currently I am more interested in physical products.

I chose Virtual and Physical Prototyping in the end, however I am not sure if I should have chosen Sustainable design for the reasons I will talk about below.

Physical and Virtual prototyping

  • The module covers Arduino, Keynotopia, PCB design, use of CAD to do physical tests and analysis such as stress analysis etc., plastic injection moulding analysis and mechanism analysis.
  • Its not exacatly my strength.
  • It will be harder for me to get a high grade.

Sustainable Design

  • Half of it seems basic, covering things I already know, e.g. benefits and drawbacks of energy sources, causes of global warming etc.
  • I would prefer to do this to physical and virtual prototyping however I want it to be more intense so I will learn a lot more.
  • The module notes and presentation slides are on the internet so I can technically learn the module myself in my own time, however it obviously won’t be as good as attending the lectures, and it won’t be recognized on my degree.
  • Includes a project working with a real life company.

So my main reason for choosing what virtual and physical prototyping was because even though I prefer and am more interesting in sustainability and would likely get a higher mark, it seems too basic, and I can learn it in my own time while taking the other module.

I am concerned however that in the future, seens as I would prefer to work in sustainable design areas than the technical side, that I should have chosen the sustainable design module so it is recognized as part of my degree.
Also what module will be more useful?

Have I made the right choice, I don’t think it will be too late to email the tutors and chance my mind if it is. I would appreciate as many responses as possible as I really don’t know what I should do. Thanks.

Tom - I’m pleased you put this up here, I meant to post the question myself - I chose UX design with the full intention of learning graphical interface etc. but I am also going to attend the other module lectures where I can, perhaps you could look into this also?

I’d sure love to hear some feedback on this question community!