I cant sketch.

The Proper way…

I have never had any formal training or teaching in perspective views and I’m going to eat that this semester.

I am a Junior, I can draw, I cant sketch.

Anyone with any tips/helpful hints/ tutorials on drawing perspective and developing a style along with line weight and Hand rendering it would be greatly appreciated…

I need these skills and need to develop them so any help/guidance would be more than appreciated.


I have and am watching the IDsketching.com videos, great videos but still having a rough time grasping it…

I think a lot of this is about confidence. I have, as I think many of us do, ran into this problem when I have doubts about my abilities. I am not the best sketcher on this blog but I can get my ideas across in a meaningful way. I think the best advice is to look at other peoples work, figure out how they did what they did and try to copy it. I know this may sound a bit weird but it will help. Also make it a point to sketch at least 1 hour everyday. Practice dose make perfect here.

Best thing i ever did was upload my sketches about a year ago here, and got my arse handed to me on a plate, but made me aware and imporved my self critque

Practice - sounds lame i know but seriously the guys who rock here like Yo, Blaster have invested a lot of time in their skills. Dont forget it’s a skill and skills take practice. There is no substitute for practice, everyone can do atleast 1 hour a day.

Draw boxes in persepective to start of with, practice line weights, then move onto elipses. Its took me roughly 3 months before i could nail those properly and i mean properly, the way i did it was draw elipse after elipse after elipse put in your major and minors checking the degree, before you know it you’ll be able to spot a wonky elipse a mile off.

Sketch in front of other people to build your confidence, even if you dont think your very good, its good to get used to as when your in meetings doing a sketch it can explain something better than any amount of words.

Buy books of inspiration, make collages of inspiration i’ve got massive A1 sheets plastered around my wall of sketches i love, Yo’s Daniel simons, carl lius, blasters to name a few. Once you’ve learnt to draw tight copy their style of drawings, not just one person but many, that way you will find out and tune your own style. The key is to develop your OWN style influenced by others, no one likes a copycat.

There is soooo much help out their in the forms of blogs, websites, books the best advice i can give you is to just do it.

I’m a lousy sketcher as well, and strangely enough, in our studio, we move almost immediately into 3D, so any sort of practice through daily experience doesn’t really happen…

That said, you might look for a book called “Rapid Viz”

I had an instructor that based his class on that book. Granted, we never opened the damn thing, but we were still supposed to buy it.

there are many tutorial in the net. ebooks that can help you with this…