I am thinking about a drastic major change

Currently I am a Technology Education major at Illinois State University. I have taken most of my technology classes and am now getting into the actual teaching classes and my student teaching. I have realized that this is not the career choice for me. I have always loved design. When I took a product design class in high school I practically lived in that class room. I became so involved in the projects that I had the tendency to not go to other classes to make more progress on my design.

So far in college I have loved my technology classes and I have learned a lot. However, there have been a few occasions where I was supposed to do a simple task like make a sheet metal box and instead I made a sheet metal cell phone holder. When I was doing this project I realized that design was my life. I am always thinking about how things are made and how I could do it better, or with a more functional case, or with a better button layout.

I have been looking into changing majors to Industrial Design but I am worried about the field. It seems like a perfect fit for me but I have heard from an acquaintance, who recently graduated from the major, that the field is suffering from too many designers and not enough jobs. I am sure the world wide recession is having some part in this but in 3-4 years I hope that we have corrected some of our problems.

Whether it has or not what is all of your opinion on the future of the field? Is it a good or bad time to change majors?

Thank you in advance for the help.

While that is true, the field is also suffering from too many mediocre designers, and not enough really passionate, dedicated ones. If you are going to be in the second group, there are no limits.